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Xuzhou: Property Unified Install Solar New Homes Are Holes – Solar Water Heater, Solar Energy – Hvac

September 28 morning, members of the public He is calling the hotline Evening reflect his new home is ready to buy Decoration Found that the bathroom was drilled a hole in the roof, have it installed a 110 mm diameter pipe.

“I was the ignorant, and how will suddenly emerge hole? In advance have no idea.” Mr. Chen said he later learned, was installed solar unified communities. He stressed that before installation, the staff did not explain the situation to him.

Owners did not notice a hole on the privately
In PWM District 3, Unit 1, Building 102, Room H10 Chen family bathroom to see that his roof was digging a hole, the hole diameter of 110 mm, the hole has been installed the pipe.

Mr. Chen said that he was the house’s owner, the other party before the holes should be prior consultation with him say hello, or what, but the other failed after he agreed to secretly digging a hole and damaged the walls of new houses body; and he does not need to install the solar home. “Beginning to end, I have not received any notice, and which units did not enter into any installation agreement, the other privately digging a hole, I can understand.” Chen said.

Huimin garden and do not have a management committee, the entire floor can not be installed

Responsible for the management of the garden plot of the CMC staff Huimin Zhang said that the owners never ending, he had already informed them, to install residential solar energy to unity, this is also the hope that the cell floor, beautiful body.

“Now and owners after the oral notification, there is no need to re-communicate the past few days, was a surprise to install, install solar energy is in turn from the top down installation, the first floor of the owners are not at home, could not find his own . “Zhang said they are also, in consultation with the installation, see How to resolve the matter.

Residents install solar energy is more uniform appearance, but also save money
Accept the unified installation Solar water heaters One owner said that the roof slope on the placement of multiple solar Water Heater , The unity of the roof water tank placed looks so neat and beautiful; and solar water heater Environmental protection , And also saves electricity.

Lawyer allegedly infringing This case, red cedar Dong Cheng lawyer law firm, in the absence of any evidence that the owners have been notified, even if the owners do not notice or make it clear that owners do not agree to install solar energy, the relevant departments drilled holes directly into the owners home, laying the groundwork for the installation of solar energy, which are suspected of infringement, in which case the owner will be entitled to housing construction side restitution.

“12 layers the following reunification installation of residential solar water heaters of this provision, refers to the never ending well before the installation by the developer of Unity, until the owners never ending, and if that must be installed, shall be subject to consent of the owners.” Cheng said the lawyer.

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