Wind Energy

Wind Turbine For Home: 1500W 12V/24 V/48 Volt 6 Blade+Controller

Wind Turbine For Home:
Homemade Generator:

– Start the wind speed is low, high wind energy utilization; small size, good looks, low operating vibration.
– The installation of user-friendly design, convenient equipment installation, maintenance and repair.
– Using high-power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage.
– The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, with double bearing carrier, anti-typhoon capacity is stronger, safe and reliable operation.
– The wind wheel blade with a new technology by p recision injection molding, coupled with the optimization of the aerodynamic shape design and structural design, high wind energy utilization factor, an increase of annual power generation.
– The generator using patented magnetic bearing alternator, coupled with a special stator design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, while the wind wheel and the generator has a more good matching characteristics, the unit running reliability.