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Wind Generator – Basic Steps On Building Wind And Solar Energy Generator


The cost of electricity has risen dramatically in the past few years. Therefore, we’d better find ourselves a way to build and to use a generator. Thanks to the help of modern technology, several new sources of energy, which are not only free but also unlimited, have been discovered. Those sources come from everywhere: from the Sun, from the wind, from the water and even from the thermal heat.

As the need for alternative energy is increasing day by day, some scientist has invented generators to meet people’s needs for free, or at least cheap source of electricity. The fuel used in these generators might be gasoline, crude or the energies mentioned before. However, the preferable generators are still those which run on natural sources, not the ones which cost a lot of money. But are they available? Is there any kind of generator with such great features? Actually, just by using simple materials, you can build one in your own household.

Among all, solar generator and wind turbine generator are two most popular ones, so we will focus on those. Firstly, we will talk about how a solar generator is built. The materials needed are: copper wires, wood board, glass sheets, solar cells and alternator units.

Solar panel, which is a composition of solar cells, is the first thing to be made. On a glass sheet, attach all the cells together to form the panel. Do remember that the sheet, in order to hold the cells, must be thick enough. The panel is the main part of the generator as it collects the energy from the Sun and then passes it to the wires. However, this is still not the final stage. We have to use an alternator unit to convert the solar energy to electricity.

Unlike solar generator, wind turbine generator is easier to make. The materials are: light and PVC pipes, wires, a metal stand and an alternator unit. Turbine blades, which have to be thin, yet strong enough to work, are made from pieces of PVC pipes. When the wind blows, the turbine will spin, and then the electricity is converted from wind power by the alternator unit. These steps are so simple that you can easily do it at home.



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