Wind Energy

Wind Energy Project and Operations Manager Career Video

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JOB TITLE: Wind Energy Operations Managers

OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Manage wind field operations, including personnel, maintenance activities, financial activities, and planning.

RELATED JOB TITLES: Facility Manager, Operations and Maintenance Manager, Operations Manager, Site Manager, Wind Farm Operations Manager, Wind Field Manager, Wind Operations Manager, Wind Operations Supervisor, Wind Plant Manager, Wind Site Manager

ONET: 11-9199.09

JOB TITLE: Wind Energy Project Managers

OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Lead or manage the development and evaluation of potential wind energy business opportunities, including environmental studies, permitting, and proposals. May also manage construction of projects.

RELATED JOB TITLES: Business Developer, Business Development Director, Business Development Manager, Development Associate, Development Director, Development Manager, Project Developer, Project Development Leader, Project Manager, Renewable Project Management and Construction Director

ONET: 11-9199.10

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