Wind Energy

Wind Energy, OTEC, Biomass Energy, Nuclear Option, Geothermal Energy & Biochemical Engineering

Photothermal Solar Radiation (in Hindi)
Photothermal Solar Radiation, Solar Energy: Thermal Conversion & Photo Conversion.

Photovoltaic (PV) (in Hindi)
Photovolatic (PV): Definition, Working Principle, Application, Advantage, Other type of Photovolatic Technolgy, Photovolatic Effect.

Thermoelectric Effect (in Hindi)
Thermoelectric Effect, Thermoelectric Equation, Application, TE Effect, Peltier-Seeback Effect, Thomson Effect.

Wind Energy (in Hindi)
Wind Energy: Basics, Working Principle, Wind Turbine, Advantage/Disadvantage, Windmill, Type of Windmills & Design Principle.

Types of Windmills (in Hindi)
Windmills, Type of Windmills & Design Principle, Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine & Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and their Advantages & Disadvantages.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) (in Hindi)
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), Cycle Types, Closed & Open Cycle OTEC, Technical Difficulties.

Biomass: as a source of energy (in Hindi)
Biomass: Definition, Advantage, Disadvantage; Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, Carbon di oxide (CO2) is not a pollutant, How is biomass converted into Energy?

Energy Plantation (in Hindi)
Energy Plantation, Criteria for Energy Plantation, its Benefits and Problem.

Production of Fuel form Wood Agricultural and Animal Waste (in Hindi)
Biomass, Wood Biomass, Agriculture Biomass, Methanol, Ethanol as fuel, Agricultural Residues, Animal Wastes.

Bioconversion (Biotransformation) (in Hindi)
Bioconversion (Biotransformation), Three different process for bioconversion, Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Synthesis Gas Fermentation, C.O.R.S. and Grub Composting, Integrated biomass Production and digestion process for biofuel.

BioGas: Generation & Utilization (in Hindi)
Biomass: generation and utilization, composition, Production, Application.

The Nuclear Option: Fission & Fusion Technology (in Hindi)
The Nuclear Option: Fission & Fusion. Definition, Explanation, Examples and Differences between them.

Thermal & Fast Reactor (in Hindi)
Thermal Reactor, Thermal Nuclear Reactor, Chain Reaction, Control Rod; Fast Reactor: Definition and Properties.

The State-of-the-Art in Nuclear Power: Breeder Reactors & Beyond (in Hindi)
The State-of-the-Art in Nuclear Power: Breeder Reactor & Beyonds, Nuclear Energy from Fission, Important Parameters, its Generations, ABWR, EPR, AP-100, ESBWR, Small Modular Reactors (SMR’s), Conclusion.

Breeder Reactor (in Hindi)
Breeder Reactor, Breeder reactor fuel cycles, Fast vs Thermal Breeder Reactor, Criticism, Disadvantage.

The Economics of Nuclear Power (in Hindi)
The Economics of Nuclear Power, The economics of nuclear power involves consideration of several aspects.

Geothermal Energy – Part 1 (in Hindi)
Geothermal Energy, Type of Geothermal Energy, Characteristics & Application of Geothermal Energy.

Geothermal Energy – Part 2 (in Hindi)
Geo-Thermal Energy: Technology, Cost, Price and Challenges; Heat Transfer in Geothermal System, Cooling Mode Operation, Heating Mode Operation.

Tidal & Wave Energy (in Hindi)
Tidal Energy: Introduction, Explanation with Digram, Advantages, 2nd generation has very low disadvantages; Wave Energy: Introduction, Explanation with Digram, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Power (in Hindi)
Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD): Introduction, Principal, Advantages.

Fuel Cell (in Hindi)
Fuel Cell: Introduction, Application, Uses.

Biochemical Engineering – Part 1 (in Hindi)
Biochemical Engineering: Introduction to Enzymes (Enzymes & Life Processes), Catalyzed vs Uncatalyzed, How to Enzymes speed up reactions? Summary.

Biochemical Engineering – Part 2 (in Hindi)
Biochemical Engineering: Michaelics-Menten Kinetics, Growth Requirements for Microorganisms, Chemical Requirements, Physical Requirement, Microbial Growth Kinetics.

Biochemical Engineering – Part 3 (in Hindi)
Biochemical Engineering: Microbial Growth Kinetics, Phase of Growth, Lag Phase, Log Phase, Stationary Phase, Death Phase, Mond Equation.