Wind Energy

Wind Energy. Endless | Today is Wind Day

Take a look at this video! It’ll give a clearer understanding of the possible future lifestyle different to that one the humanity is currently committed to.

A lot of hypothetical scenarios for the Future of Humanity exist. And far from all aren’t pessimistic.
We still have a chance to save the Planet and ourselves.
We still have a chance for the restore the lifestyle in harmony with Nature.
We still have a chance to change the Future.

There is no need to “conquer” Nature.
We have to learn to understand it! We have to sync up and become its part! It is a false choice to oppose ourselves to nature!

Today is Wind Day!
We are in harmony with the elements of nature, and with its help energy address the world:

“We want to save the planet and we know how we have to do it”

«There is only one way to save the Planet