Wind Energy

Wildlife & Wind Energy Webinar Series: Webinar #9 – Future Priorities for Wildlife & Wind Energy

Webinar #9: Future Priorities for Wildlife and Wind Energy – Multi-stakeholder perspectives on challenges and opportunities

December 8, 2020 3:00-4:45pm ET

The concluding webinar in this series will feature a multi-stakeholder panel with a forward-looking focus: what does evolving turbine technology and advancing deployment mean for wind energy and wildlife? What are the biggest challenges and priorities for this work given changing costs, electrification of the grid, and more aggressive state renewable portfolio standards? How is each sector preparing for the future (federal and state regulators, industry, researchers, etc.) to enable wildlife-responsible wind energy development at the pace and scale needed to meet our climate goals? These questions will be informed by input from you, the attendees, provided throughout the webinar series and through interaction with the expert panel.