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Which Is More Efficient Wind Or Solar Energy – How Efficient is Wind Energy?

Which Is More Efficient Wind Or Solar Energy

With fossil fuel prices rising and fear about global warming spreading, many people are looking for alternative green energy sources to help power their homes. This article provides information on two types of renewable energy and explains alternative electric generation with solar panels and windmills.

Solar power is nothing new. Development of solar technologies began in the 1960’s as part of the space race between the United States and Russia as both countries were looking for ways to power satellites. The sun provides an enormous amount of energy, enough to exceed current global energy needs by nearly 1000 percent. Unfortunately, the development of solar technology for the consumer market has been slow.

Currently, for home applications there are two types of solar energy set ups: off grid and on grid. Off grid systems are entirely self contained and not connected to local utility services. Extra power is stored in batteries which are activated at night or when cloud cover obscures the sun. Which Is More Efficient Wind Or Solar Energy

On grid systems are connected to the local utility grids and extra electricity generated by the system is fed into the local grid. This electricity is then credited to the costumer’s account and the consumer can still pull energy form the local grid. Since solar panels are still generally too expensive to provide for all a home’s electricity needs, most home owners choose on grid systems.

Another option for green electricity that is available to homeowners is wind power. Wind power works by using a wind turbine to generate electricity from blowing wind. In many ways the concept is similar to the concept behind wind mills.

Unfortunately, wind turbines can be quite large, and as such are only suitable for people living on large properties. Furthermore, the turbine generally cannot fully power your house, so you will still have to stay connected to local power grids, but you will be able to cut your energy costs by up to 90%. Which Is More Efficient Wind Or Solar Energy

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