Solar Power

What Equipment Do I Need to Build Solar Power Panels As a DIY Project For Around $200?

Most people would love to be entirely independent from the Power companies, and building your own Solar Power panels can help you achieve this.

It’s important to understand that the average residential home consumes about 300 watts of power per day, and to have enough solar panels ‘commercially made and fitted’ to meet that demand would generally cost you between $ 10,000-$ 20,000, which puts it out of the financial reach of the average mum & dad homeowner. Not only that, but the return on the investment can also take a very long time to justify the expense, and often the panels need to be replaced by the time the payoff is achieved.

There is good news. Many people aren’t aware that building Solar Power panels themselves is not a complex task. Anyone who can wield a hammer, or use a drill is able to start building solar power panels for their own home over a weekend as a DIY Project, and complete the whole project for usually less than $ 200.

To undertake such a DIY weekend project usually requires the following items to begin building your own solar power panels; Metal scissors, Sandpaper, Motor, Tower, Electrical stove, Copper leads, Copper flashing sheet, Silicon caulk, Glass, & Plywood. Many of these will be readily available either in your garage already, or from a local Hardware store.

The actual process of ‘what do I do’, and ‘how do I do it’ is too detailed to go into step by step here, however there are resources available that will guide you through step by step, often in video format, that will not only show you exactly what needs to be done, but also guide and show you  the quantities of the materials you will need based on the power output you require for your home,.

You don’t need to be an Einstein, or have a degree is astro-physics to do it either. All that you will need is all the equipment mentioned above,  the free time in a weekend to do it, and a decent guide to show you all the steps of the process. With all those ingredients, and a little weekend work, you could be enjoying solar power into your home by the end of next weekend.

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