Solar Power

What Are The Pros And Cons To Solar Energy

Using the power of the sun to power our lifestyles, on paper looks like a natural fit. As with all things in life there are two sides to any argument and Solar Power is no different, so hopefully in this article I will answer what are the pro’s and con’s to using solar energy in today’s world

The Pro’s to using Solar Energy

1. It is a cheaper way to generate energy, than the normal means of energy generation. The suns power is free, and is a natural resource, using it means that you are not burning any fossil fuels that can ruin the earth’s atmosphere. It truly is an environmentally friendly alternative.

2. The suns power is free, most of the cost involved is in the initial investment that is required in setting up the solar powered system.

3. If you do use solar power, you can expect to have no electricity bill, a very small one, or you may actually end up earning money, by supplying your energy back into the electricity system if you live in the right area.

4. No fuel to burn so would be good to the atmosphere. Also if the fuel prices rise and there is a shortage, you will be OK, because you are getting your power from the sun for free.

5. If there was a power outage in your area, you wouldn’t be affected, as you would still be getting your power from your Solar Powered system.

6. It doesn’t matter where you are, you could be in a remote area and you can still use the power of the sun. You will find solar power being used in some very remote locations.

7. It’s a low maintenance system, you don’t have to rewire your house, and if you need more power just add more solar panels.

The Con’s of using Solar Energy

1. The initial cost, they are costly to setup and have installed, but this initial cost is probably the only cost you have to worry about. Depending on where you live you may also be able to get grants from the government to setup your system, and is well worth checking on before starting looking at systems.

2. You need to live in an area where you can rely on sufficient sunlight to power your system. A system in Arizona or Texas is going to work better than one in the Seattle area that may only receive, on average, about three hours of sun a day since it’s a rainy region.

3. You can only get energy during the day, and an overcast day may also cause difficulties, this can be overcome by using a backup battery, that would store energy generated during the day, and supply you with energy during the night.

Getting your energy from the sun, definitely has more advantages than disadvantages, but I think one main sticking point is the initial cost. As solar power technology advances, and becomes more available the prices should come down.