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Webinar: ViZn Energy discusses how batteries can deliver energy and power services

ViZn Energy will hold a webinar on Thursday (February 16) that takes a deep dive into different behind the meter and front of the meter use cases where value stacking requires the energy storage system be technically able to deliver both short duration power services and long duration energy services. In this session, we’ll cover:

• Why a single revenue stream application is risky for project economics
• Applications energy storage is used for by utilities and large C&I facilities
• How different storage technologies approach delivering power and/or energy services
• Compare and contrast the benefits of multiple daily duty cycles versus implementing a rest period
• The impact that stacking applications + total system lifespan has on ROI

A recent Harvard study found that flow batteries can run for more than a decade with little maintenance. ViZn Energy’s Zinc-redox flow battery is commercially available and offers a 20-year performance guarantee. The manufacturer also said the batteries are inherently safe with a non-toxic zinc-iron chemistry and don’t require HVAC. The batteries are able to perform both power and energy services in one system and the total lifetime system costs become rather attractive versus lithium-ion storage systems.

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