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Webinar: The Virtual Central Inverter: Using 1500VDC String Inverters for Utility-Scale Solar Projects – December 7, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2017
11:30 am EST / 8:30 am PST



At what point do the total installed costs make it wiser to go with central instead of string inverters? With new higher output, 1500VDC string inverters hitting the market, string inverters can be combined to create a “Virtual Central Inverter”, a system design concept developed by Sungrow. The combined set of string inverters would be controlled as a single, power conditioning system through a single, SCADA interface, creating one point of command and control for the entire group of string inverters. The end result is a solar PV system can reap the benefits of both string and central inverters. This webinar explains the “Virtual Central Inverter” design concept in deeper detail, an idea which illustrates how string inverters may soon be the ideal choice for utility-scale PV projects of the future.

What webinar participants can learn:

  • Learn about Sungrow’s “Virtual Central Inverter” concept, which combines Sungrow’s 125kW string inverters that operate with one point of command and control for the entire group of string inverters
  • Advantages and disadvantages of central and string inverters
  • At what point do total installed costs justify the use of central inverters, and can string inverters be used for utility-scale projects?
  • See how a “Virtual Central Inverter” can reap the benefits of both central and string inverters, thus improving system energy throughput and increasing ROI




Allan Gregg, Director of Applications Engineering at Sungrow North America

Allan is an industry veteran who joined Sungrow in 2015. With over 35 years of experience in the solar industry, he has held pivotal roles in the design and implementation of large-scale solar PV systems in over 18 countries. He previously served as Vice President of Applications Engineering at CEC GreatWall Renewable Energy and Sr. Director of Applications Engineering at Satcon. Allan holds a MSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.



Kathie Zipp, Moderator, Solar Power World

After graduating from Kent State University, Kathie was introduced into the world of trade journalism, specifically in the renewable energy sector. She takes what she learned from covering the wind industry into writing about the technology, installation and development of solar energy. Kathie feels grateful to be writing about solar in such an exciting time for the industry. She is inspired by the wonderful people she meets in solar, with their passion, innovation and wish to do good for the planet. Kathie also loves the opportunity she gets to travel in her career, and continues to do so in her personal time as well.


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