Solar Power

Various Sources Of Green Energy

Green energy has been a great discovery not only for its planet saving capabilities, but for the fact that there are so many ways of producing it. Since the earth is one of the largest green energy suppliers, using green energy is easier than creating energy from fossil fuels, and unsurprisingly much better in the long run, as the resources will never run out.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the foremost ways of producing power, which at present is not fully utilised. Solar power harnesses both light and heat from the sun and uses them to create energy that we can use in our homes as electricity.

The most common way of collecting solar energy is through solar panels which face the sun to maximise energy consumption from this renewable source. This is also handy as it means solar panels can be put on roofs and surfaces, so that this way of harvesting the energy is not obstructive or an eyesore.

Solar panels work by converting light and heat energy into electrical energy. The panels can also be used to heat water which can be used in the system of buildings without disruption.

Solar energy is only limited in areas or countries where there is bad weather and a lack of sun, such as when it is cloudy. This means that solar panel is a great option for those countries which are hot and bright all year round, such as those near the equator.

Wind Power

Wind power is made by converting the energy from the movement of the wind, through a wind turbine, to turn a generator which can create power. The energy is usually harvested from big farms of many turbines, and these can usually be found in areas which are known for being exposed to high wind speeds.

Wind power is growing rapidly as a source since it is such an efficient way of producing green power, with the only problem being that it is not always windy in every area and climate. Other problems include the fact that the wind turbines are eyesores, and those who live near wind farms do not like the way they look on the landscape.

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power uses the heat that is provided by the earth, making it another completely green and renewable source of energy. Since the planet formed all those years ago, heat has built up from the decal of various materials and minerals, as well as the movement of water and rocks between and against each other.

Geothermal heat is a well known source of heat, seen in use by the Romans in their famous baths. It is now used to generate electricity, with many countries across the world utilising this source.

Geothermal heating is very effective in heating house, spas and industrial sites just as well as a wasteful gas heater would.

This method of heating is made possible by drilling into the earth and using the heat to create steam which can power turbines.

These green energy suppliers need to be utilised well in order to make the best possible use of their eco friendly energy which is abundantly available.

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