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Update to Draker software update eases managing solar sites

BlueNRGY, data acquisition, monitoring and control solutions provider for optimized performance of distributed power generation, announces the release of its latest major update to the Draker family of products: Draker V7.
DrakerV7 is a powerful customer web portal designed specifically to support the full range of solar power generation systems now implemented on over 2,200 Solar PV sites representing 2.4GW of power capacity.
With the release of Draker V7, the company said it has thought carefully about customers’ experience with a seamless transition from Sentalis to Draker V7. To simplify administration, customers can use the same credentials for both Sentalis and Draker V7. All customer configured sites, user roles, administration rights and portfolios that were available in Sentalis are also now available in Draker V7. In addition, any work completed on Sentalis and in its previous version are automatically available for Draker V7. There is no loss of time or work associated with this transition.
Draker V7 coupled with the DAS base station, “Core” and “Pro” and cost effective wireless data plan, is available globally and offers high performance, enterprise-grade security and numerous new features to help customers more efficiently manage and operate their solar PV sites.   Draker V7 offers customers many new features and benefits such as:

  • User Intuitive Design – Mobile and Tablet Friendly Responsive Design
  • Optimized API
  • Inverter Remote Control*
  • Alarm Root-cause analysis
  • Enhanced Reporting for single site and portfolio of sites
  • Interactive live weather forecast map with multiple overlays such as temperature, clouds, wind speed, rain/snow
  • Flexible Site component and sensors data analytics
  • Optimized data exports
  • Greatly improved application performance, speed and stability
  • Full custom charts, build and save your own preset, CSV data export

Improved customer experience is at the core of this Draker V7’s release. “The Draker line has always evolved relative to customers’ needs, and that trend continues with this latest major update,” said Steve Ritacco, Chief Technology Officer at BlueNRGY Group. “Draker V7’s newly designed back-end platform features enhanced file format support for data ingest and provides Inverter Remote Control directly from the customer portal with a refined and intuitive user interface, while being available for upgrades on any existing pre-equipped Draker legacy DAS hardware installed at any solar PV installation”.

* Available on eligible sites without extra hardware
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