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Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels

Solar panels for residential use
by DVS1mn

Some argue that the United States’ dependency on nonrenewable resources has become too great. Most of the country’s electrical power is retrieved by reactors in power plants that generate energy from fossil fuels.

Though this is very powerful and only small amounts of these substances must be used to power a large area, the fact is that they will not be around forever. Oil, gas, and petroleum is made from the decaying matter of living organisms that has changed over thousands of years into a vital energy source.

Much of the product is not found or mined in the United States, and must be imported from other countries for our usage here. The burning of these types of substances can possibly have a negative effect on the environment and pollution levels.

Because of all these factors, there is many that wish to reduce their usage, if not get rid of it entirely, and replace it with forms of power that are renewable. One of the main focuses within the past few years has been solar power.

If converted correctly, UV rays from the sun can be turned into a clean energy source. This is done through the use of photovoltaic, or solar, cells that have been collected and fashioned into panels.

When the sun’s rays beat down on the contraption, the cells collect the UV particles. There, they are split up into their individual parts, and the electrons are formed into a channel.

A current is formed, and it is used to power electronic devices and generators. This is the method by which all homes and vehicles that run on solar energy are powered.

This process can be very beneficial, especially in regions that receive a great amount of sun throughout the day and can garner enough energy. However, there are many pros and cons to utilizing this method.

One of the main benefits is that they give off no pollution; the only amount that is caused by them is from the factories and machines that are used to make and manufacture them. They do not put out carbon monoxide or any other gases into the air, because they are not burning anything.

This makes them a, mostly, clean and efficient form of energy that will not cause a lot of damage to the atmosphere or ozone. The producing of power is also very quite, unlike burning nonrenewable resources in plants.

An extremely impressive benefit is that solar power is able to reach remote areas that might not usually be able to receive any form of electricity. This includes satellites and stations in space and villages in remote deserts and rainforests.

The installation of these devices in these types of areas is usually much more cost effective than laying a system of wires, and takes much less of a toll on the surrounding environment. These panels are usually installed on rooftops, which make it very easy to find space for them.

It is hard for them to get in the way when they are installed in a space where nobody needs to go. Because environmentalists and legislation is trying to become more efficient with usage, it is proposed that the method of obtaining power from the sun will only become more refined and high tech as time goes on.

There are a few cons to this type of system, however. The initial installation and purchasing of equipment can be fairly costly for many individuals; most systems require a thousand dollars or more, though this can often be counterbalanced with government returns and the amount of money saved each month.

It is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours, when the sun is at its highest and warmest. This means that, if enough is not stored during this time, you may not have power at night.

It also is really only beneficial for those that experience a good deal of sunlight throughout the day. If pollution or cloud cover prevents you from being able to garner any rays, you may find that your solar panels do not work.

Installing and utilizing this system can be a great idea for some people. Research the possibilities and learn the probably issues that may occur before you decide to install solar panels.

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