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To Make Solar Panel From – How to Make a Solar Panel From Scratch

To Make Solar Panel From

Learning how to make a solar panel from scratch is a fun and you even don’t need to have any extra skills for that. This article will give you a very brief yet clear DIY guide on building a solar panel from scratch, i.e. things that are of no use to you rather than throwing it to the dust bin or those things that are valuable yet find no use right now. So get ready to learn something new today by spending a few minutes in reading this article. To Make Solar Panel From

Required Items:

Well, the required items are only things that are in and around your household and you need not take pains to buy something new for making a solar panel here. The necessary items required are listed below;

o Screwdriver
o A wood saw. (An electronic wood saw shall be preferred rather than a hand saw)
o Soldering gun
o Drilling machine
o Copper wires
o Cutter for cutting wires.
o Paint brush.
o Electrical Solder
o Sheet of plexiglass.
o Silicon caulk.
o Rosin flux pen.

These were some of the items you need necessarily to make full use of the scratch items which are to be used to build a solar panel. The scratch items that are going to be used are listed below:

o Plywood of considerable length and width
o Tin wires To Make Solar Panel From

However there are certain items that have to be bought from a hardware shop. They are solar cells and UV protective varnish. But even this can be avoided if you had used a solar panel already.


o Cut the plywood in dimensions that could accommodate all the solar cells and paint the cut plywood with UV protective varnish.
o Connect each cell to each other using wires and soldering them. But before that make sure to apply flux to all the connector strips in cells using the Rosin flux pen.
o Attach these cells to the plywood using silicon caulk dabs.
o Make sure to accommodate holes for the two wires that have to be pulled from the last solar cell. Once the wires have been fed through these holes it is of utmost importance that you seal it using silicon beads.
o The next step is to drill holes in the plexiglass to accommodate screws through them.
o Build a frame to support the plexiglass.
o With the help of silicon and screws attach the plexiglass frame to the plywood containing the solar cells.
o Thus your solar panel is ready. Make sure that you have assembled all parts carefully. To Make Solar Panel From

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