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TMEIC Solar Ware Samurai inverters feature salt detection and UL certification

TMEIC received an order of 17 units of its Solar Ware 1667 kW outdoor PV inverters with salt damage prevention for a utility scale solar power plant under construction on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  The 27.6 MW plant is being built by Eurus Energy America Corporation (San Diego, California), a U.S. subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Tokyo).  Commissioning will in occur in Fall, 2016.

The industry standard for photovoltaic installations near coastal areas has been to install inverters inside an enclosure with air-conditioning to prevent salt damage.  TMEIC has created a new standard with the introduction of a PV inverter with improved environmental durability for places such as islands and coastal areas where salt damage prevention measures are required.  In addition to high conversion efficiency and reliability characteristic of TMEIC’s existing products, the new PV reduces installation and maintenance costs, as well as operation costs by eliminating the need for air-conditioning, maximizing revenue.  TMEIC’s inverters were selected in recognition of these performance benefits.

TMEIC continues to offer photovoltaic solutions.  The application of salt damage prevention to the Solar Ware Samurai offers another advancement in photovoltaic inverter technology.  In addition to developing an inverter for high salt environments, TMEIC is also the first company to receive full UL 1741 certification for the new 1500V Solar Ware Samurai series of utility scale inverters.

Characteristics of Solar Ware 1667-kW inverter

  • Outdoor specification includes areas where salt damage may occur in coastal areas.
  • World’s highest level of power conversion efficiency of 99.0%.
  • Hybrid cooling system with heat pipe and cooling fan requires no air-conditioning.
  • Compliant with UL certification and IEC standards.

Customer benefits

  • Can be installed in such areas as islands or coastal areas.
  • Reduction of operation costs and improvement of maintainability because the inverter does not require air-conditioning, which in turn reduces power generation costs.
  • High conversion efficiency and reduction of power consumption contributes to maximizing revenue.

TMEIC is also proud to announce that its Solar Ware Samurai 1500VDC photovoltaic inverter has achieved a UL 1741 safety certification, including meeting the IEEE 1547 Standards for Distributed Resources Interconnection and Interoperability With the Grid, making it the first 1500V inverter to receive this significant achievement.


“At TMEIC, we are committed to helping our customers deliver safe and reliable power by designing and manufacturing inverters that meet the industry’s highest standards,” says Donn Samsa, TMEIC Renewable Energy General Manager. “This UL certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering high quality, high performance inverters and highlights our dedication to bringing our customers the equipment needed to develop modern and efficient grids, while adhering to the highest safety standards.”

The new inverter is the latest addition to TMEIC’s portfolio of PV utility scale solar inverters for industrial markets. Built on decades of engineering experience with power electronics, Solar Ware inverters offer the industry’s most advanced grid management in an efficient, compact footprint.

Features of Solar Ware 1500-V Series

  • Maximum 1500V DC voltage (input side)
  • Outdoor Photovoltaic inverter designed for outstanding performance in harsh environments (ambient temperature of -20~50ºC)
  • Hybrid cooling (natural convection cooling up to 50% of rated power) saves energy and increases reliability
  • Highest power conversion efficiency of 98.8%
  • Compliant with UL and IEC standards

Customer benefits

  • Approximately 30% reduction of the number of inverters installed compared with 1000V inverters.
  • Reduces peripheral equipment such as a set-up transformer, switchgear and cables as well as installation and wiring work.
  • The highest level of power conversion efficiency maximizes output power capacity.
  • Significant reduction of operating costs

As the world’s leading industrial system integrator, TMEIC engineers advance solutions for various industries throughout the world, including renewable energy. With more than 30 years of manufacturing, research and development experience in the renewable energy industry, TMEIC solar power solutions are in use around the globe, including 14 states in the U.S. TMEIC has shipped 8.3GW of PV inverters globally and was recently recognized for the second year in a row as the Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year for ‘revolutionizing PV utility-scale solar inverter solutions in terms of market reliability, efficiency and productivity.’

You can also watch an interview with Roanoke County Business Partners and Michael Cooper, TMEIC Marketing Director and Roger Porter, Virginia Economic Development Partnership to learn more about the TMEIC PV test lab.

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