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Things to Know in Planning for a DIY Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels for residential use
by Esthr

Have you always longed for the day when you will finally experience financial freedom by escaping in paying all your electric bills? This 2011, that would finally come true because there is a high demand and popularity for the solar energy which is considered as the answer for all the financial burdens of families.

Aside from that, opting for solar energy will also pave the way for you to help the environment.

If you would like to experience the power of solar energy to power all your appliances at home, you need to install solar panel to your roof because it is the one that will collect sunlight and convert it to electric energy through its photovoltaic cells. Because of the fact that you will do all the installation, this will save you lots of money. You have two options with regard to the materials and components needed for the installation: either to make them at your home or purchase them. Whichever you choose, make sure that you will get the ones that will match your budget and has the best quality as well.

Are you wondering what the initial step is in your DIY solar panel project? That is no other than calculating the efficiency of the photo voltaic of your installation. Peak sun hours is known as the figure used to estimate your power system’s power output. Another information you need is the current consumption because this will pave the way for you to know your capabilities in creating something.

Now that you have already known the most important things you need to take note, you can already begin in collecting the tools and equipments you need for the installation process. By making use of the online world as a source of information and materials you need, your house could be the next house to be powered by the sun.




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