Solar Power

The Uses of Solar Power

When asked about solar power, the most common idea most people would have is solar-powered homes. Solar energy can certainly be used for homes, but there are also many other uses. As time goes by, more ways to use solar power will probably arise.

Homes are important users of solar power. Not only can the solar power provide AC current, by means of an inverter, for all kinds of household appliances. Solar power can also be used to heat water and air in the home. Remote households are ideal places for solar power. Solar lighting by means of fiber optics can also be used in the home.

Space was perhaps the first arena for modern solar power. Solar panels have been used on spacecraft sails to harness the sun’s power to move the spacecraft in the right directions. Now, a new development is taking place. NASA is considering using diamond as a substitute for silicon in the solar panels on the space station. It is said to be more durable and efficient.

Solar power has been used to get wireless broadband internet to remote areas. The stations that can reach these areas are solar powered because they are too far away from conventional electricity. This has allowed many Native American learning centers to be equipped with internet services.

Telecommunications has been enhanced as well by solar power. Microwave repeater towers are often set up on mountaintops. It is impractical to run power lines to them. However, solar power systems can keep them running. This allows people to get good reception on their cell phones.

When it comes to having fun, solar power can help energize the recreation. RVs can be equipped to go just about anywhere if they utilize solar power. Boats can also be designed to run on solar power so that they do not have to be filled up with gas every so often. Vacationers are free to boat as far from civilization as they wish, without worrying about fuel.

Call boxes along roadways may use solar power for their phones. In California, it is standard practice. This allows for a dependable network of phones without the necessity of running buried cables to them. Also, roadside signs used to be lit up by some sort of generator, such as a diesel generator. Now, the highway signs can be illuminated by means of solar power.

Experimental though they may be, solar powered cars have been invented and are in use by some people. There are racing competitions among the owners of solar powered cars. Perhaps in the future advancements will be made to ensure that solar powered cars are more than just a novelty item.

Solar power can be used in commercial and industrial settings as well. Many industries are going green, building solar powered plants and offices. This is made easier because of the fact that there is quite a lot of space on the roofs of most industrial plants that can be used for solar panels.

It is a time for solar power to be put to use. There are many applications where it can make a big difference. Since it does not harm the environment, it makes sense to use it whenever possible.than it is worth. Since the portable greenhouse can be stored in the winter months, it is much better for routine gardeners.

The Uses of Solar Power

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