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The Top 4 Solar Energy Advantages

The damage that carbon dioxide has been causing to our environment is quite extensive. Emitted mainly as a result of human activities such as from factories and the automobiles that we use, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted has been increasing in the past couple of decades causing many people to worry about the future of the planet and about how safe our environment is. This is where renewable energy sources play such an important rule in controlling the pollution in the air. In this article, I will write about the process of setting up and installing solar panels at your own house and how it can help you save money while keeping yourself and your neighbours healthy.

Here are some Solar Energy Advantages –

1. A big money saver

• Although the initial investment can pretty high, eventually in a matter of a couple of months, you will have made up for it and saved quite a bit of money which is good since it can be seen as a long term investment. That is one of the biggest solar energy advantages.
• Since you are making use of fossil fuels etc. when you are using renewable sources of energy, you do not have to put with monthly bills or pay any sort of taxes whatsoever.
• The United States Government understands the need for an increase in the usage of renewable sources of energy and other green products and so, encourages it by offering plenty of incentives and bonuses for people who do make use of the solar energy advantages.
• Another possible thing that you could view this is as an opportunity to make money on a regular basis in the future. According to federal laws, if you generate more energy than you actually use, you can either sell it back to your utility company or use transformers to store it up for using it later.
• Research has shown that the average American household does have the potential to produce more solar energy with photovoltaic cells than it consumes.
• You can save money on fuel as you can use the energy from the sun to charge up your electric car.
• Solar panel batteries can properly utilize solar power to convert it to electricity either on a small scale or a large scale basis which is a factor that you determine based on your needs.
• The savings can go a long way in helping you pursue your dream goal.

2. Non-Renewable Sources of Energy are bad for the environment

• One of the most debated facts ever since it was established that non-renewable sources of energy were the main cause for problems such as global warming was as to whether solar energy and other renewable sources of energy could really indeed replace the easiness with which we can use gasoline etc.
• Due to the release of poisonous gases such as CO2 and Chloro Fluoro Carbon’s (CFC), the ozone layer on top of the earth is getting depleted thus exposing us to the harmful UV rays from the sun.
• As a result of global summits from climate change, countries are starting to take up this matter more seriously and you could be getting some favors from your government by using solar energy. • There is no need to create huge pipelines that can transport fuel from one part of the world to another as you can “make hay while the sun shines”.

3. You can always switch back to good old electricity from coal in case of a problem

• This is really amazing. You can use solar cells and photovoltaic cells in combination with your normal generators and batteries thus enabling you to switch back to those sources during the night or on those days when it is cloudy and the sun is not out.
• Ideal source of energy in remote places where it is tough to find power lines.
• You are helping the future citizens of this world.

4. No Maintenance Needed

• Unlike most other sources of energy and other utilities that we use, you can forget about maintenance once you have set up and installed the required components initially.
• You can say goodbye to your monthly bills and to paying regular taxes.
• There are absolutely no loud noises generated and the panel works in peace and hence there is no need to oil it in order to keep it working.

I hope that these solar energy advantages helped you in making a decision to switch to green products and solar energy in your home.

Andy Jerald is devoted to helping to save the environment and control pollution by using the renewable sources of energy. He generates his own electricity with the help of solar energy at his house. He blogs about his projects. Check it out at Solar Energy Advantages. Also check out a related blog post at Solar Energy Advantages.

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