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The Revised “renewable Energy Law” Into Effect On April 1 – Air, Solar, New Energy – Heat

The revised “renewable Energy Law “on April 1 began to implement. By law, China will set up renewable Energy Development Fund, the implementation of renewable energy power generation of the full protection of the acquisition, development of renewable energy to build “green channel.” Ministry of Finance and Bureau of Energy, said the Chinese government departments have recently been in financial support, specific and detailed measures to prepare and make the greatest efforts to promote the effective implementation of the Act.

China is the world’s new energy and renewable energy sources of the fastest growing countries, hydropower installed capacity, Solar Energy Water heater collector area, photovoltaic generating capacity tops in the world. According to the latest of eight chapters, 33 of the “Renewable Energy Law,” renewable energy were identified as “wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal, ocean energy and other non-oriented (I) Stone (oil) energy “They are also China will vigorously develop clean energy; and low efficiency stove by direct combustion of straw, firewood, dung, etc., were excluded. Late last year, the legal adoption of the amendment, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo of the highlights of this description and meaning of this law: “modified” Renewable Energy Law “from the law established a national implementation of renewable energy all amount of protection of the acquisition system and set up a power grid enterprises purchase renewable energy power cost compensation mechanism, the establishment of a national renewable energy development fund, requested power enterprises to improve the absorption capacity of renewable energy such as electricity, will promote renewable energy industry in China the healthy and rapid development, the promotion of energy restructuring, strengthening of environmental-friendly and resource-saving society. “

Development Fund to establish the relevant number of countries to promote renewable energy development as an effective solution is to “renewable energy law,” the revised focus of widespread acclaim. Renewable sources of energy development funds include state funds and special finance renewable energy tariff additional income of two parts. After the establishment, including the rural and pastoral areas of life and energy uses of renewable energy projects in remote areas and islands of renewable energy independent power system construction will be the Fund.

Law enforcement on the eve of Vice Finance Minister Li Yong said that the advanced Project , Technology development and rural energy development renewable energy this year, the central focus of special funds to support the direction of: “In 2010, the central government has arranged special funds for renewable energy development, 10.9 billion yuan (RMB), 3.0 billion more than last year. Major including, steady progress in building new energy demonstration project to support the development of new energy technologies and standards, and support for rural energy development. “

And renewable energy power generation system and full protection of power grid enterprises purchase renewable energy power purchase cost of compensation mechanism, was seen as aimed at China’s current renewable energy difficult to implement in full the acquisition, renewable energy sources to pay the difference lack of clarity and other issues have been made. Promulgated in 2005, “Renewable Energy Law” provides for a full acquisition system, implementation, both the lack of effective administrative control power means business, but also the lack of security of power grid enterprises binding target acquisition requirements. Therefore, the revised law clearly, to determine the renewable energy accounts for the proportion of total generating capacity, the development of priority scheduling and a full grid enterprises purchase renewable energy specific methods, but also clarified the regulator.

This, Liu Qi, deputy director of the National Energy Board said ahead of the law enforcement, major initiatives will take steps to ensure the priority of renewable energy power scheduling and full acquisitions. He said: “First, the protection of the safe operation of power under the premise of giving priority to renewable energy; in science and identify the scope of renewable energy and Energy Output; Third, to further increase the scheduling information disclosure efforts to develop” Energy Generation scheduling to release information. ” “

The country Home Appliances Web companies that are on the optimal allocation of resources to improve network capacity, and comprehensively improve the level of network intelligence intensive work to meet the renewable energy scale, diversified development.

2020 China has made non-oriented (I) stone (oil) energy accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption to about 15% of the target. Under the new revised “Renewable Energy Law”, the State in the preparation of renewable energy development and utilization planning, will also wind, hydro, solar, biomass and other kinds of renewable energy development and utilization of co-ordination arrangements.

Newly revised “Renewable Energy Law” for managing the implementation, and supporting the implementation details of this phase also will be introduced during the year. The main development of the implementation details as one of the units, National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Xie Zhenhua has made it clear that, in addition to ensure that the law be effectively implemented, the strengthening of renewable energy technology development and application, the development of industrial system is the focus of future work: “to increase basic research and technology R & D investment, building capacity for basic research will help improve the support system, strengthening the renewable energy pilot demonstration of new technologies and promote the use of, accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and industrialization. building an internationally competitive industrial system, should renewable energy as a strategic new industry, to support policies, to become a new point of economic growth. “

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