Solar Power

The Returns Rate Of The Solar Energy Industry

Solar energy
by miheco

The price reduction of Asia supply chain is not so obvious; therefore, the returns rate of silicon metal module installation is only six percent to eight percent. The returns rate of silicon films module is about ten percent, which has exceeded the silicon metal module the first time. This situation makes the market of silicon films module hot in this time. The solar energy supply chain in Asia is influenced by the Italian market, Czech market, French market and Japanese market, so the price of solar energy battery is high. The demand in Germen is also increasing. The price of silicon metal module in Europe countries is still 1.7 euro, which can not stimulate the German market.

According to the quotation of European market, the returns rate of solar energy system in the fourth quarter of Germany can reach six percent to eight percent. Under the same economic condition, every piece of the silicon films can generate 130 watts to 140 watts of electric power, namely, the returns rate can be ten percent if very watt is 1.1 euro to 1.2 euro. Experts point out that the key of installing the solar energy system relies on the returns rate. The returns rate of silicon films module is more than the silicon metal module, which makes the demand of silicon films module increase. But experts also maintain that tandem is the mainstream of the silicon films, because not all the materials are able to generate the expected quantity of electric power.

Currently, there are mainly three factories producing the silicon films module, namely Applied Materials, Oerlikon and Ulvac. The Applied Materials has stopped to accept the new orders in this year, and the Oerlikon cooperates with the TEL to release the more advanced products. The factories in Taiwan also have gained so much profit in this year. The related integrated circuit is TA7325P.

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