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The New Slogan Can Not Sell For Money Solar Energy Products Why Freeze – New Energy, Solar Energy –

HC HVAC & R Network Shanghai opened a solar supermarket for home solar power system installation services. Opened more than six months, but it is to see more, ask more, nor made a single business. Boss joked: “I is , take the initiative to contribute to the solar industry.” Why Solar water heaters Sold well, while the home solar power system is freeze it?

Fact, remove the label of solar energy to power systems such as ordinary household goods of view, we can find a reason not sell. The first is the price to install a 30 kW solar panels for home-based, it takes about 90 million, the high price scare off customers is not surprising. Second, the quality of the current quality standards for our solar products, system is not perfect, of varying quality solar products on the market, how the customers are willing to pay big bucks to buy quality goods does not explicitly guarantee? Finally, supporting services, it is understood, supermarket bosses have their own solar power system, solar generated electricity not only to satisfy their own needs, but also to export, but one-way meter is measured, even if issued by exporting solar energy ” green electricity “, being recorded as electricity, to pay electricity bills. If the meter is not matching transformation services, the economics of solar power systems are crippled, nature can hardly be attractive to customers.

Solar products freeze, and our country New Energy Development of the situation a bit out of tune. At present, China Renewable Energy Is to maintain the momentum of rapid development, wind power installed capacity in 2009 alone approximately 22 million kilowatts, solar photovoltaic power generation construction has taken important steps. Nevertheless, non-fossil energy consumption, the proportion of total energy consumption is still low, according to total energy consumption in China in 2020 reached 4.5 billion tons of standard coal in consideration for the realization of non-fossil energy sources to 15% target, water and electricity should reach 350 million kilowatts , wind power should reach 150 million kilowatts, solar power generation should reach 20 million kilowatts, biomass power generation should reach 30 million kilowatts of nuclear power should reach 80 million kilowatts. Achieve this goal for renewable energy development is very difficult.

From the maturity of renewable energy technologies, economy and the Reduction Contribution to greenhouse gas and energy situation, current and the next 10 years time, renewable energy development will focus on hydropower, wind power, solar and biomass. To achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction targets in 2020 and formed a new strategic industry by 2020, renewable energy development and utilization of capacity in 2008 based on the need to increase more than 2 times, and the resulting difficulties and challenges are great. Outstanding performance are: hydropower construction and Resettlement Ecological Environment Contradictions; scale wind power development, and network and run the scheduling problem; solar power cost control and regulatory issues; biomass of resources protection.

Development of new energy, the situation is gratifying, the situation is even more pressing. New energy economy, we must be achieved through the market economy. Recognized only for the market of new energy products, to really come into people’s lives. New Energy slogan does not make money, and only reflect the benefits of new energy products to sell for money. To consumer acceptance of new energy products, it must be “new energy” take off the halo, a down in price, product quality and service aspects. This not only requires government price subsidies, setting high standards, issued policy guidance, new energy products production enterprises should be hard skills, should be carefully analyzed the market demand, enhance technological research and development, new product development.

“A minute on stage, the audience ten years of practice” for the new things in terms of new energy products, market acceptance test is first.

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