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The Increasing Popularity of Solar Panels

Solar panels for residential use
by DVS1mn

Solar panels are great tools for generating maximum solar energy consumption at home. They help in cutting out the usage of electricity and thus saving a lot of money spent on electricity bills. So all you need to do is install solar panels on your roof or back yard and reap the benefits. These can be installed easily enough and can easily fit into your budget too. Any individual can build them themselves at a much cheaper cost. All you need is the right information to get started.

The very first solar panel was invented in 1883 by Charles Fritz. Fritz used a highly thought out method of using a thin layer of gold to cover the semiconductor selenium to form a junction. This experiment was only one percent effective. The solar panels that we use today were first invented in 1954. Over the years, newer technologies have been employed and now we have very modern and effective solar panels available in the market.

Decisions are of prime importance and so, firstly sit down with your family and decide on your energy needs. You must be very clear about whether you want to power your entire household with solar panels or just a few major appliances. Many people use solar energy for heating and airing and getting hot water only. It totally depends on what you decide to run with your solar power, which will in turn determine how many kilowatts of power your solar panels will have to produce.

Solar Panels have arrays of Photovoltaic Cells which use the solar energy directly from the Sun to generate electricity. This electricity can be used for our daily use. Solar energy is environment friendly in nature and a renewable source of energy. So solar panels help in collecting this amazing amount of free solar energy which is available in abundance on our planet and convert it into a power source using the advanced technologies. This invention of humans probably is the biggest achievement in world’s history of conserving non-renewable resources and saving the planet as well as the natural resources from depletion.

The western world is already accepting of this concept and is pro actively making use of solar panels on a regular basis. Almost all families in countries like Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America etc. have at least one solar panel installed in their backyards. Other countries too are catching up and making use of solar panels extensively. A large number of factories are now using solar panels for their daily electricity usage. The solar panels are normally installed on the roof tops, top of the buildings or backyards to get the maximum exposure from the sun in order to gather the most rays.

It’s actually a healthy process that the usage of various solar products such as solar panels, solar water heaters, solar air coolers, etc. has increased over the years. Also many solar power plants have been established at many places around the world in an effort to fight global warming issues.

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