Solar Power

The Five Best Home-Made Solar Energy Guides on Planet Earth

Those of you that have looked into the purchase of a solar energy system for your home have already noticed that the price ranges from expensive to ridiculous. As a matter of fact, the price for solar energizing the average home is slightly more than $ 27,000.00, making it out of reach for most people. However, for the do-it-yourselfers out there, great alternatives do exist and there’s plenty of competition so that you can choose the one that fits you best. These are my top five.

These folks have put together a first class guide with several bonuses thrown in. They demonstrate that you can build your own solar panels for less than $ 200.00, emphasizing that you can energize your own home for a sane price. In addition, if you are possessed by an entrepreneurial spirit, you could even manufacture them for $ 200 and sell them to neighbors, friends or whoever for $ 500.00 and make some money on the side.

The Information includes:
* A Step-By-Step Instruction Guide:
* Video library guide;
* Bonus Information on how to build a wind power generator;
* Bonus information on how to start your own business building for others.
* And an 8 week money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Price: $ 49.97

GreenDIY Energy
There’s not a lot to choose from between GreenDIYenergy and Earth4Energy since both offer very similar products at the exact same price of $ 49.97. I guess it pays to know your competition but you would think that you would try undercutting the price just a tad. Oh well, what will be will be. Their information products are also excellent, however, and include the following:
* A step-by-step information eBook;
* A list of all the tools needed for the work;
* Information on solar panel systems;
* The “$ 98 Solar Panel” guide;
* Solar Energy Bundle;
* Video instruction library;
* “Build Your Own Wind Turbine;” eBook;
* A technical support center;
* And a 60 day money back guarantee.

Homemade Energy
Bill Ford is the scientist and inventor for this company and he offers do-it-yourself energy solutions with a twist. His analysis will take into consideration your geological setting and determine whether you would be suited for wind power, solar power or both. His instructional course includes diagrams and pictures that seem easy to understand and follow. The only thing I thought should have been included was instructional videos for those like me that are slow on the uptake.

Benefits include:
* Solar or wind power system for $ 200 or even less;
* Step-by-instructions and diagrams;
* And a 60 day money back guarantee.

Price — $ 47.00

Energy 2 Green
Energy 2 Green boasts that their design began as an engineering project by one of the most prestigious universities in the world (unnamed). The project was designed to find wind and solar power utilities that could be built by the average Joe for under $ 500.00. They claim the winning designs were ultimately put to the test by 8 groups or 2 High School students. With no help from teachers, parents, or special tools, these students were able to create both workable windmills and solar panels at an average cost of just $ 200.00. No video instructions are included.

Benefits include:
* Detailed schematics and diagrams for solar panels (generates up to 200-watts)
* Detailed schematics and diagrams for windmill (generates up to 1000-Watts!);
* Where to find the materials you need for your solar panels or windmill;
* Installation instructions to hook the solar panel or windmill up to your home;
* And detailed maintenance instructions and scheduling.

Price — $ 49.00

Free Energy Options
This company is the brain child of Alan Hopkins, a long-time expert in alternate energy systems and possessing a degree in mechanical engineering. He put his experience to work for the consumers out there who would like to build their own energy systems and save thousands doing so. He also has excellent informational tools for building a wind or solar panel package for less than $ 200.00. The price is $ 49.00 and the package contains no instruction videos.

Benefits include:
* Complete step-by-step instructions for solar power generator (200-watt);
* Complete step-by step instructions for 1000-watt windmill;
* Maintenance and legal information needed to keep your system operational;
* General tips on how to save money on gas and electricity;
* Secrets to locating the cheapest deals for top quality materials and parts;
* And an eight week money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

There are many other companies with similar offerings but I think you will agree with me if you study the above examples that these companies are as competitive and instructional as any available.

You can get more details on my blog plus the company links.