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The DIY Solar Panel Secret – Learn This and Save $400 Per Panel

Solar energy is quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of generating power for a home. It’s clean energy and solar panels can last for decades. However, pre-made solar panels are very expensive, even with the incentives offered by the government. On average, it costs at least $ 20,000 to have your home equipped with solar panels. A DIY solar panel is a much cheaper way to start saving on your electric bills.

The Secret to Homemade Solar Panels

Solar panel kits are now available. You can expect to pay up to $ 600 for one kit that builds one panel. With just a little more effort, you can build your own DIY solar panel from scratch and save about $ 400! 

The secret to building your own solar panel is to get your hands on a detailed manual. This is especially true if you are building one for the first time. You want one that is easy to understand and easy to follow. A video guide is best, since most people learn more from watching than reading. However, you’ll want something on paper in front of you as well.

Get Shopping!

Once you have the guide in your hands, it’s time to go shopping. Take a trip to your local hardware store and pick up the necessary items: sheets of plywood and glass, as well as a roll of copper wire. Next, find your local retailer of solar cells. Just about any major city will have several that stock photovoltaic cells. If you can’t find one, you can always order these cells online.

Building the Panel

Set aside a weekend for the project. It probably won’t take you this long to build additional panels, but you want some extra time on the first one. You’ll be surprised how easy a DIY solar panel is to build.

Enjoy the Savings!

Finally, sit back and watch your electric bill drop with each panel you build and install. You can connect several panels together to create more power. Consider building one or two panels just to provide power to your garage or workshop. Each bit of electricity that you can save will really add up. You will also do your part to conserve energy for years to come.

You can save yourself time and literally thousands of dollars by looking over a review of sites that offer guides to making solar panels and by using our online guide (no need to sign up) to learn other practical ways to save money.

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