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The Best Free Control Panels

Not everyone has the money for pricey control panel software. Here is a list of the best free control panels out there.
This one is the most well known control panels. It allows you to configure plenty of internals for your operating system like disk quotas, configurations files, users, and more. You can also regulate a lot of apps that are open source like PHP, Apache HTTP, MySQL. It also allows you to expand Webmin with modules that you choose to install that could be custom made. Additionally, Webmin allows you to change the Apache files as you wish, configure mail filters, change the password, take care of your records and tables through MySQL, and more.
ISPConfig is made simply enough so that its easy to set things up like DNS, multiple email accounts, etc. There are also 4 different ways to login, which are Client, Reseller, Email users, and Administrator. This makes it much easier on your customers. So, if you want a control panel that is simple to navigate and free, then ISPConfig is a great choice.
This control panel is for servers like linux and Debian GNU. It includes a lot of benefits like giving you the control to accept various types of payments like Dineromail, Cuentadigital, and paypal. Besides that you can control bandwidth, create redirections, send any messages to users, create a private or public hosting plan, and outline your policies for suspending an account. It allows you to sign in as a user, reseller, or administrator. As a user, you can make payments, set up databases, create an FTP account and mail, and take care of their various subdomains and domains.
Web-cp has multiple control panels. If you use the control panel for personal then you would be able to configure spam settings, change personal info, and password. For domain users, you can add databases, aliases, new users, domain pointers, and subdomains. As a reseller, the control panel lets you change or add a new domain account. And finally, as a server, the control panel allows you monitor how much the server uses things, can start services over again, change or add resellers, and edit DNS and VirtualHost templates.

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