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The Advantages of Solar energy Israel and Solar systems Israel

Solar energy Israel and Solar systems Israel have numerous advantages in various fields due to the different applications. The solar energy has become a boon to Israel as this country utilizes this energy for different purposes. Israel has an oil scarcity and also natural resources of energy are absent. Hence, solar energy is the only form of renewable energy that can be used in various sectors. This article is all about the advantages of solar energy Israel and Solar systems Israel.


In 1974, Israel faced the energy crisis that paved the path for a number of solar demonstration projects. Scientists exploited the solar systems Israel to maximum extent to derive the benefits. Out of the numerous projects undertaken by Israeli industry and the government, the two most important projects in the private sector were a solar industrial process heat system in the north-west part of Negev desert and Electricity generating solar pond at the Dead Sea.


The principle behind generating electric power from saline solar ponds was to create the saline ponds about 2m in depth. These ponds were maintained artificially in such a way that the degree of salinity was greater at the bottom as compared to the surface. The solar radiation that was absorbed by the floor of the pond was used to heat the lower surfaces of water. Due to gradual heating, the temperature of the lower surfaces attains 100 degree Celsius. Such a solar pond was able to produce about 570 KW of electrical power that would require a 5MW turbine. The built-in storage capacity of these solar ponds is the best features as compared to other solar technologies.


Solar systems Israel are also used for solar industrial process heat system that incorporates trough solar collectors. For the production of process heat systems, sun-tracking glass mirrors are used that are in a curved manner so that they can form long lines of the reflecting troughs. A central tube is used that can out the oil. The oil is thus heated at an excess temperature of about 200 degree Celsius that can produce steams. These steams are then used by the industrial processes to heat the system. Hence, we can say that solar systems Israel have wide range of applications in several sectors.


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