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The Advantages of Residential Solar Energy

You may be wondering what the advantages of residential solar energy are? First let me start off by saying there’s too much for me to cover in this article, seriously. So this article will be discussing the main advantages of residential solar energy. So let’s get started.

The first main advantage of residential solar energy is that when you go solar it’s cheaper than going off to buy factory built solar panels. Usually a solar power system sells for a minimum of $ 5000 in the current market! Personally the average home would struggle to pay for this, no joke! Especially with the current state of the economy. My friend was able to build a single solar panel system for less than $ 200. Imagine how many panels you will get with $ 5000?!

The second main advantage is that solar energy is free. Really! The sun provides us with a free natural source of energy so why not use it? The best part is the price does not fluctuate. For example, notice how your electricity bill comes and you will be paying more this month less next month and double the month after? This doesn’t happen when you go solar trust me. There is also that time of year when all sorts of companies come round to your home and offer to beat this rate and that rate. Big headache! By using solar power you will be able to break free of your dependency on electrical companies and see those bills reduce or even disappear.

Finally the last advantage of residential solar energy in this article is that in some countries such as America, you will receive grants of money, rebates and tax reductions through implementing solar energy solutions in your home or business. It is also possible to “sell back” power into the grid. Imagine that, you receive money from electric companies!

With so many advantages when discussing going solar, it can be said that solar power will be the way of the future.

Victor Nash is a DIY enthusiast that writes articles for many websites in different categories such as fashion, medical, home improvement and entertainment.

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