Solar Power

Texas in 2010 will exceed 50 billion solar industry – solar energy, energy saving – heat pump industry

Heat Pump Network HC  In Texas, there are 10 jobs and 3 Solar Energy Related. Recently, Texas has also launched a million roofs program, thousands of villages plan bathrooms, “5555,” Optical Project , Sun Valley series solar applications engineering???

Shandong Texas has more than 100 solar energy manufacturers, is the largest solar energy industry base, the solar water heater production accounts for more than 10% of the national total, for every 10 jobs there are three associated with solar energy, urban construction, people life and solar energy are inseparable.

“Million roofs” into the landscape New residential building

City promote the use of solar water heaters more than 95%, rural 50%.

Walking the streets of the city in Germany, most notably the installation of solar roof collectors, rows, neat, and seamless construction.

This landscape due to the emergence of the implementation of solar energy in Dezhou City, “one million housing project.” From 2009, new residential building in Dezhou required to be installed on the roof of a unified solar collector, floor, upper and lower body with a dedicated water pipeline. For new office buildings and large public buildings, building integrated solar energy in Texas and the strict implementation of Ground Source Heat Pump Technology, and be designed, constructed, acceptance. As of the end of 2009, new residential building in Dezhou City promote the use of solar water heaters more than 95%, rural 50%, Oriental home district, Huang Ming Energy Demonstration Area, Heights Century City, Song Guantun district, a small village community and other applications have been realized more than 10 community solar and building integrated applications.

In a new residential building to, Aunt Dong grandson was busy to wash your hair. She said, installed in the roof of the 28 solar water heater can provide hot water 5 personal life. Experience cloudy, hot water heater in enough to make three or four days, if not so, you can also choose electricity boil.

“Zero emissions” building more advanced, where the hot water, air-conditioning, heating, lighting, all dependent on the solar roof. The first state-level renewable Energy Wei-building demonstration project to the city district, with the use of solar water heating systems, solar lighting systems, ground source heat pump systems, ecological wastewater treatment system 30, a number of advanced energy-saving technology.

“1000 Village bathroom,” Hui villagers

500 village built a solar bath, the value of more than 3,000 yuan to buy a solar water heater, farmers only need to spend 1,000 yuan.

To “none other part of the enterprise, government support as part of a part of the villagers to pay” approach, Germany launched the Solar City “1000 Village bathroom plans,” Solar Energy in major rural construction bathroom. Germany and the rise of Temple City

Liu 1000 Village township nearly 800 villagers, the village built a solar bath, bathroom group of rooftop solar collectors installed 8 pieces a day, more than 50 villagers come here to bathe. The villagers said happily, no longer have to run 67 kilometers to the bath. Payable to Temple in the village, like so many solar bathroom 20.

“Farmers to buy solar water heater, you can enjoy the 1,000 yuan of local financial subsidies, coupled with corporate profit sharing and Home Appliances Subsidies to rural areas, the market price of 3,000 yuan a solar water heater, farmers only need to spend more than 1000 yuan can buy, install the tube is also free. “Germany, deputy director of City Construction Committee, Mr Cheung-fat, as of the end of 2009, the village in Dezhou has built more than 500 solar energy bathhouses.

“Optical Engineering” provincial Energy

4920 solar lamp lit streets of Texas, an area of 1,800 acres of scenic river park to become the first solar energy.

Last month, the Golden Bauhinia Garden, Po Lam Road East is Red cell power plant into operation, this is the first solar power plant in Dezhou City, it can meet the underground parking lot, courtyard, corridors, storage rooms and office building and other public lighting needs in saving 63,000 kwh.

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