Solar Power

Taiwan Solar Energy Exhibition Opened In October To Attract Global Buyers

SEMI Taiwan External Trade Development Council and jointly organized the nation’s largest professional exhibition PVTaiwan2010 solar energy to carry out this October, are already including the Yu Jing (3514), the new Daylight (3576), Yi Tong (3452) and so on more than 100 vendors at the Expo, Organizers noted that the buyer will be actively invited to Europe and the United States to Taiwan, Japan and procurement, to assist manufacturers in Taiwan can be marketed internationally and build brand awareness.

The importance of the global solar market, part of the survey showed that Japan may become the first solar energy and electricity the same price (GridParity) countries, while Germany is expected to reach this goal in 2011. Office of Science and Technology Division on behalf of the German economy that, once the electricity to reach the same price, the government will abolish subsidies for the purchase of electricity, when the Taiwanese companies wishing to obtain market share, it must be actively managing the brand brand or Daru in the supply chain, have a chance long-term foothold in the market.

PV market in the U.S. non-residential and power plant market driven, the Japanese grant and restart the equipment purchase price doubled, and the Golden Sun China Engineering and the blessing of local government grants program, the market research agency forecast global solar 2010 market will grow 40.8% to reach 8,590 MW.

Organizers said that based on semiconductor and flat panel display industry in the successful experience of Taiwan’s PV industry has a world-class manufacturing capabilities, high-quality R & D personnel, and global logistics capabilities, is also the gateway to Asian markets, according to the industrial research Solar Technology Centre Court data reveal that in 2009 the output value of Taiwan’s solar cell is about NT 1,012 million (about 3.16 billion U.S. dollars), estimated to account for the global solar cell market, 14-18%.

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