Solar Power

Survival Solar Power – Save the Planet While Creating Alternative Energy As Well

Survival solar power is a huge thing right now and many people are looking into it as a means of having alternative power close by for whatever economical situation we may face…. while others are looking at the green side of things.

While solar energy is nothing new, installing your own solar panels can be!

Or perhaps you want to build your own solar panels which is a feat that anyone will be proud of as it is actually quite inexpensive to build them, according to several solar powered home owners who have lived totally off the grid for several years.

Here are Several Advantages of Survival Solar Power…

A renewable source of energy

The electric company you are with now very likely uses fossil fuels to create the electricity going to your home. Fossil fuels are not replenishable while solar power is.

In fact, the sun produces enough energy in ONE minute to power the whole planet for an entire year!

So why are not more people using the sun’s energy to fuel their homes?

I think the main reason is simply that many people do not have the know-how to build their own solar panels and given the cost of some solar set-ups, most people end up sticking with their more environmentally-unfriendly electric company, then going through the hassle of finding alternative energy methods.

Solar Energy is Pollution-free

The consumption of fossil fuels, whether burning the gas in your car or generating power at the electric company, produces pollution. You breathe in that air and contaminate your lungs which pose risks for any number of ailments and disease.

Installing solar panels means you generate your own energy, clean energy that creates no pollution. The environmental benefits are huge!

Saving Money with Solar Panels

If you build your own panels, you will save a considerable amount of money upfront, where if you choose to buy the panels and install them, then it may take several years to recoup the cost of your solar system.

Several things that will affect how much money you will save are:

The amount of sun you receive…Your energy is measured during peak hours as that is when your panels will be working full strength.
How much electricity you are using currently
The cost in building your panels or purchasing them, and how much of a load they can carry

In conclusion….If you live in a sunny area, it is not only wisdom to invest in survival solar energy but having the panels installed, can add thousands to the resale value of your home.

While survival solar energy is on the rise as more and more folks are taking advantage of it, there are also the options of wind energy systems, if you happen to live in an area with more wind than sun.

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