Solar Power

Sunpin Solar – North Shore Solar Project in Mecca, CA

Sunpin North Shore Solar Project has a total capacity of 96.75 MW DC/74.8 MW AC and is made up of 302,340 Talesun high-quality panels on ~483-acre land in the city of Mecca, CA.
This ground-mounted solar system used single-axis trackers from No.1 solar tracking company in North America. The solar system also utilized 34 central inverters made by SMA, one of the top inverter providers in the world.

A 92kV substation was special-designed and built through Sunpin Solar.

Interconnected to the grid of Imperial Irrigation District, the system has an expected annual production of 218,464 MWh, which can power 22,300 homes annually.

The environmental benefit of the system is equivalent to offsetting Greenhouse Gas emission from ~32,000 vehicles driven each year.
The solar power generated onsite will also reduce carbon emission equivalent to ~105,122 acres of forest planted. This solar project creates ~425 peak local jobs in total.