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Sudden Emergence Of China’s Energy

Present, China’s solar thermal market in more than 320 billion yuan in output value, but the domestic

Solar water heaters

85% vacuum tube solar energy market, its flaws are more apparent: As the pressure is limited, can only be used for multi-storey buildings; owners to install solar water heater vacuum tube affect residential landscape; other such proof tube, the cracking , pipe scale, sediment deposition, sealing gasket leak, hibernation, etc., so that users love-hate.

The State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Research Institute released the “2004? Chinese cities in 2006

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Products in consumer demand research report “shows that the current rate of urban household water heater has a 72.3%, has not yet reached saturation. Urban water heater market is still very large space, which is not the country’s rapid urbanization the growth of urban households are included.

In gas, electricity, solar water heater overall development of today, the water heater market is at a stage of gradually increasing industry concentration. Ternary competitive landscape is taking shape in the process, the water heater market has brought out some new trends worthy of our attention.

Gas water heater

And water heaters, dispute the shift

Gas power struggle long. In the vertical-type water heaters are generally concerned about safety issues before the gas water heater market has been absolutely dominant position occupied. October 1998, MACRO first introduced in the national security force type gas water heater flue, so that security problems plagued the industry made substantial breakthroughs. April 8, 1999, SETC issued “out backward production capacity, process and product catalog”, decided on Oct. 1, 1999 banned the production of vertical-type gas water heater, from May 1, 2000 onwards Stop the domestic market



With “no strong direct push” full extension, a group unable to produce strong emission water heaters, small businesses have this out of the market. And because products fail to follow up stronger emission, electric water heater trip could indicate scoring, market capacity growth year after year. Around the security of comparison, fuel, electricity and launched repeated trials of the two corps and the game, from 1998 to 2000, rapid expansion of the national water heater market, in 2002, surpassing the gas water heater. In Beijing, the electric water heater market share once as high as 72%.

Current, gas water heaters over the years, struggling to catching up with won a full market recovery. “2004? 2006, a product of China Gas consumption research report” shows that the gas water heater market rebounded strongly, user loyalty to 78.6%, 56.3% higher than the electric water heater. Survey shows that consumers are accustomed to the area as


Types of differences, with “open can with hot water” is convenient features of gas water heater is still a lot of users like the water heater products. In addition, regional changes are also apparent. Such as the Northeast region, will sell the last electric water heater, gas water heater’s share of the small, but with the safety of electric water heater began to appear, then the rise of gas water heaters, gas-electric war to become balanced.



Deputy Secretary-General Liu Runfeng Products Association analysis, in the past rivalry between the gas-electric, gas water heater weaknesses of the straight row of gas water heater was not properly inflated, blocking the advantages of gas water heaters, resulting in the consumption of cognitive errors led to the gas water heater industry, declining competitiveness. In recent years, natural gas for production use, the success of the East China Sea and Bohai Sea natural gas exploration, so that the gas around the quality greatly improved, so as to have the strength of the brand across the country have provided favorable conditions to expand the market; and around the gas companies are beginning to provide a complete set of installation, to promote


, The cost of decreased use of the residents, is conducive to the development of gas water heater, water heater market, shuffling will be accelerated.

Solar water heater sprung up everywhere

Than electric water heaters and gas water heater to “battle” of the fierce competition, solar water heaters will become much easier. February 28, 2005, formally adopted by the NPC Standing Committee, “The People’s Republic of China Renewable Energy Law”, the same year in September, solar water heaters for the first time been included in the selection of brand-name products in China, Emperor Ming, Qinghua Sun, Hua Yang, Sun Rain, 100 million energy, brilliant, Linuo other seven brands the first time the “China Top Brand”. At present, the solar water heater industry emerged a number of brands, great excitement, in addition to the original Qinghua Sun, Huang Ming Solar water heater professional enterprises, in order to Macro, Vantage represented

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Corps, began to intensify its efforts to seize the solar water heater market.

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