Wind Energy

STEM for Kids || SOLAR Energy || Inspection Drones and Robots || Thermal Cameras

HOW do you explain Solar Energy to kids?? HOW do Solar Panel installers use Robots and Drones to inspect their panels to avoid having to climb onto a roof? How are Thermal cameras used to detect HEAT and COLD spots on Solar Panels to detect problems? Join me (Charles Elwood) and Chris Rohaly on a little adventure about Solar Energy!

0:00 Introduction : Families, Businesses and Farmers Save Money Save money on Energy
0:38 Make your own Electricity
0:49 How does Sunlight make electricity – Water hose example – Photons shooting from the sun and coming to Earth
1:35 Shade blocks photons, photons hit people and create warmth, hit solar panel and create electricity
1:59 How much energy is created from an array? Whole house – 10,000 Watts, PS4 takes about 15 Watts. How many PS4s could be powered up?
3:00 What happens if clouds, snow or nighttime prevents sunlight to hit panels
Wires coming from power grid to your house
4:50 How is electricity sent back to the grid if too much electricity is produced
5:36 Robots and Drones! Ways to inspect panels
Fly over roof and use thermal cameras and look for too much heat or cold spots
7:06 wires are underneath panels so you can’t inspect with a drone.
Robot – RC car – drive from the ground and inspect wires with thermal camera and check for heat in wires
8:54 robustness testing – drop from 6 feet tall
Story of how during testing the robot dropped from a roof
9:52 How much does a panel cost right now?
11:09 Don’t waste your energy, look at ways to make your own energy and food.