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HC HVAC & R Network The roof of a block of dark purple “glass walls” connected pieces, shining in the sun … … the near future, people may be able to Hangzhou in the subway station, Olympic, business workshops, the new district to see this scenarios. The city has begun to develop solar and other New Energy Five-year plan of action for industrial development, solar photovoltaic industry will become the new engine of economic growth in our city. This is the leading cadres yesterday from Hangzhou, the development of new energy training industry forum From the news.

Solar PV industry is typical of high-tech and green Environmental protection Industry. Increasingly prominent in the energy crisis, solar photovoltaic energy industry as the core of the new global focus on new hot spots. Hangzhou, the combined effect of solar photovoltaic industry has initially appeared. According to the city’s 14 already in operation on the key solar photovoltaic business survey, completed the first half of total Sell Value of 1.141 billion yuan, companies are free Financial The adverse effects of the crisis, showing rising trend growth.

From key enterprises, the formation of Chint Solar 100 MW last year, crystalline silicon solar cell production based on the size of the first 30 MW of amorphous silicon thin section Membrane Battery production line went into operation in June, three 90 MW production line has been put into building; Jimei the rapid development of PV in the first half, total production of 17 MW crystalline silicon cells; Green China Energy 25 MW crystalline silicon cell production line put into operation since March since , has produced 600,000 solar cell; day’s first 30-megawatt solar energy margin amorphous silicon thin film battery production line has entered full production stage … … a number of new projects progressing smoothly, the city across the solar industry has laid a good foundation for the development of .

Build solar PV Research Institute, started the East Area 15 square kilometers in the New Energy and Industrial Park planning, solar photovoltaic technology projects to improve the proportion of financial assistance … … a step up actions to implement initiatives, reflects the speed of new Hangzhou the determination of the energy industry. According to “quadruple three years, five years on the stage”, the 2013, the city’s solar photovoltaic industry reached 20 billion yuan sales value and strive.

Draft plan of action according to five-year, in addition to implementation of the national solar photovoltaic building demonstration projects for each of the 5 MW installed capacity in the national plan, the city organized and implemented every year 40 thousand square meters sun roof, power generation demonstration projects by 2013 has reached 200,000 square meters.

From 2010, the city government will arrange 30 million per year funding, the establishment of new energy popularization and application of solar photovoltaic special funds. Focus on promoting solar architecture and the city’s “sunshine roof” plan, to encourage residential building for solar photovoltaic demonstration building construction applications. Through demonstration projects, and promote industrial development.

Photovoltaic building, photovoltaic roofs, photovoltaic power station … … a number of new solar energy project facilities will continue to emerge around us. You’ll be amazed to find that in these cities public buildings, business plants, residential area, such as solar energy application project, the eye-catching bright lighting, air conditioning year-round spring are used in solar energy.

Absorb solar energy during the day, the release of electrical energy for street lighting at night, this “green” solar street lamps have appeared in the Hang Area. The city also plans to roads, parks, stations and other public facilities, promote the use of photovoltaic Power supply Street lighting. In addition, plans to build more than 1 MW of solar PV demonstration power plant. Currently, a 2-megawatt rooftop solar power projects in Qianjiang Development Zone Energy Environmental Protection Industrial Park started.

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