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Wind for Industry® can help your facility save on the bottom line. Learn how self-generated energy reduces companies’ reliance on the electric grid – and reduces the price on their power bill. Subscribe to learn more about One Energy:


In this Windy Minute video, Bob has just received a daunting task: find out where his plant is spending unnecessarily – and fix it. He realizes they use a lot of power; is there a way to avoid that? Conserve energy? Change the light bulbs? Talk to the utility? After a quick Google search, Bob lands on One Energy’s Wind for Industry®.

By definition, Wind for Industry® describes a wind energy project designed to achieve a significant reduction of an industrial facility’s electrical consumption from the grid. These projects involve installing one or more utility-scale wind turbines and interconnecting them on the facility’s side of their utility meter.

Essentially, utility-scale wind turbines directly power the customer’s facility.

With one click, Bob now has a solution to his industrial power problem.

It’s not easy finding answers to your company’s biggest problems. Generate results for turn-key electricity solutions with One Energy’s Wind for Industry®. One Energy develops Wind for Industry® projects to help manufacturers reduce energy costs with behind-the-meter wind turbines. We do this by installing the turbines on site and giving customers savings from day one. No CAPEX required – and fixed electricity rates for 20 years. Wind for Industry® means savings for you. Save your energy. Contact us for your complimentary evaluation.
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