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Solect Energy installs 212-kW solar system for Boston shredding company

Shred King, Boston’s premier shredding company, has partnered with Solect Energy to install a 212-kW rooftop solar system. The installation will allow the company to reach its goal of reducing its carbon footprint.

The locally owned and operated Shred King Corporation is a full service document destruction and management company. The company provides its clients with safe, secure document destruction as well as document retention. They also provide record storage with online portals to manage and receive documents online 24/7.

“We were pleased to work with Solect’s reputable and responsive team throughout the process of the installation,” said Don Cornell, Owner at Shred King. “We have a long-term goal of developing sustainable practices for our business, so solar was the perfect fit. Not only will we be able to fulfill our goal, but the financial and environmental benefits are unmatched.”

Shred King will have full ownership of the array, enabling the company to achieve energy independence. As a result, the group will rid itself of fossil fuels’ price instability as well as cut its greenhouse gas emissions over the array’s 25-year lifetime.

“Shred King continues to take steps forward as an eco-friendly business,” said Brian Herr, VP of Business Development at Solect Energy. “The array will certainly enable them to reduce both their carbon footprint and their energy costs—it’s a win-win.”

Having always strove to be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly company, Shred King recycles 100% of its materials. With the help of Solect, the company was able to take the next big step in its “green” journey and will continue to reap the benefits for years to come. Not only will they see energy cost savings, but the array will improve the surrounding environment and set an example for other properties in the area to follow their lead.

“It’s a good feeling to know that not only will we be able to save our company money, but we are doing our little bit to try and make the environment safer, which gives us a sense of pride,” added Don.

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