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Solar Water Heating ensures you pay less for your DKW Energy Bills

Solar Water Heating Ensures That You Pay Less Each Time You Need To Heat Your Water

Solar water heating is most certainly a very cost effective means of heating your water. Typically, residential solar water heating will help you avoid having to use conventional water heating solutions by as much as two-thirds which of course means minimizing the expenses of electricity and in addition means also less harmful impact on the environment.

Solar Collector And Storage Tank

A solar water heating system for a residential building consists of two major parts: a solar collector and a storage tank. Furthermore, in regard to the solar collector the most common type used in solar water heating systems is the one called the flat-plate collector. A solar water heating system utilizes the energy from the sun to heat water or to heat a heat transfer fluid which is already present in the collector.

This heated water is then kept in a storage tank for use as and when required. It is important that the water tank be well insulated and it should also be sufficiently large to store the required amount of water necessary for your needs. Solar water heating can either be active or passive – with the former type being the most common type.

Active Solar Water Heaters

Active solar water heaters generally work with the help of electric pumps as well as controllers that help in circulating the water and of course there is also need for a medium such as a heat-transfer fluid. Active solar water heaters can be of two different types: direct circulation systems, indirect circulation systems that in turn can be antifreeze type or drainback types.

Passive solar water heaters make use of the earth’s gravity and also rely on water’s propensity to circulate naturally whenever it is heated. Passive solar water heaters do not contain any electrical components and so can be considered more reliable as well as easy to maintain and probably more long lasting as well. The main types of passive solar water heaters include the integral-collector storage systems, and thermosyphon systems that are more economical and also more reliable.

One way we can help the environment everywhere is through amplifying the use of renewable energy. Sites like Solar Energy provide resources and comparisons of plans, and there are many sites that sell kits and total systems. Decide today to embrace renewable energy of some kind.

A solar water heating system provides an desirable option for those who wish to heat water and who want a solution that does not depend on fossil fuels for their energy source. Furthermore, such systems are more inexpensive, especially in the long run and they are also safer and reliable as well as very easy to maintain. Best of all, they are eco-friendly and the energy source is decidedly renewable.

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