Solar Power

Solar Water Heater Control Device – Solar Water Heater, Solar Energy – Household Appliances

Power Supply
Parameters: Voltage: AC180V ~ 250V, frequency: 50HZ,

Control port: temperature pumps, booster pumps, electric heat or
Heat Pump
(Only one) on the total power of less than 3kw valve

Parameter settings: fully automated setting, users can meet more than 90% of water used. Necessary, can be manually set

Master parts: the import hundreds of thousands of times relay industrial components

Mandatory water: a new completion of the initial solar solar hot water systems in use, the water tank is empty. At this point the water control system to detect

Box less than 20% water level, immediately start the cold water booster pumps and solar water solenoid valve, forced to add cold water into the insulation

Tank. In the forced replenishment process, the control system detects the tank water temperature below 48 degrees, the water level higher than 20%

Start electric heating pipe, forced to add cold water to tank 50% of the water, close the solar water solenoid valve, until the water tank is heated to 50 degrees, close the electrical heating.

Constant temperature water: clear, solar collector to heat the cold water, 55 degrees, the solar water inlet valve starts, cold water enters the collector, the collector and the heat inside the hot water pushed storage tank. When the cold water reaches the outlet collector temperature sensor detects the water temperature below 52 degrees, and immediately close the valve solar water, cold water stays in the collector to continue to be solar heated ,2-5 within minutes after the collector water temperature has reached 55 degrees, solar water inlet solenoid valve again start inside the collector has been squeezed into hot water tank insulation, this pattern, once again produce hot water into the tank, increasing the hot water tank, until the tank up to 100%. Bad sun, the water collector is difficult to reach 55 degrees, resulting in little hot water, in order to make full use of solar energy, the control system detects the temperature inside the collector continued for more than 12 minutes to reach 35 degrees, the start of solar water solenoid valve, so that the warm water of 35 degrees into the water tank insulation, the temperature inside the collector is below 30 degrees, then turn off solar water solenoid valve. Such a law, until the water tank full of water. Into the water tank of warm water from the auxiliary heat system reheating to 50 degrees, so as to achieve the most

Regular overtime pay: the system default is: 15:00 ~ 19:00. At this time the water level lower than 80% in paragraph starts, over 80% off

Cycle heating: insulation tank after the water level reached 100%, when the control system detects the temperature inside the collector than the high temperature water tank insulation

Difference in temperature set value (factory default is 10 degrees), start the solar circulating pump, the tank out of the water, circulating through the solar collector heat, so the water temperature increased further to 65 degrees. When the temperature inside the collector tank temperature minus low temperature difference is less than set value (factory default is 7 degrees) degrees, or the user result in tank water level below 100%, or tank temperature reached 65 degree, the closed loop solar thermal pump, stop the temperature cycle.

Heating temperature: factory default is 15:00 ~ 22:00? Start when the water level higher than 20%. Constant temperature of 50 degrees. Less than 47 degrees start. Closed above 50 degrees.

Regular water supply: the factory default is 7:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 ~ 22:00, at this time segment, the water level higher than 20% of cases, the hot water booster pump (circulation pump) to open.

Antifreeze collector: the collector temperature sensor detects the temperature below 5 degrees collector when the pump start temperature, until the detected collector temperature is higher than 10 degrees difference in temperature when the pump shut down.

Back water antifreeze: water temperature probe in the back to detect the return water temperature is less than 5 degrees, the start of hot water booster pump, until the return water temperature detected, temperature greater than 10 degrees, turn off the pump temperature.

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