Solar Power

Solar Training And Education For Alternative Energy Jobs

With an increasing awareness of the green revolution, solar energy has gained its importance. The increase in the costs of utility is also a reason that many people are turning to solar energy and solar panels. Due to increasing demand for alternative energy products, new jobs are being created. Nowadays, workers with professional solar training can jump start their green careers in the industry with remarkable growth potential and solid starting salaries.

Professional solar energy training might include essentials of solar energy business; fundamentals in design, installation, and evaluation of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems; standard requirements; mechanical and electrical concepts; various tools and techniques.

When deciding to attend a solar training school, there are a few things you should consider.

1. Solar Training Instructors: Find out whether the schools solar training instructors have extensive experience in the alternative energy industry and are NABCEP PV and Thermal certified. As most people learn best by doing, make sure the solar school offers hands-on training, labs and workshops, along with the theory courses.

2. Equipment: The solar training classes should have proper equipment. Some of the equipment includes quick mount PV, unirac railing, oatley mounting, sunny-boy inverters, fronius inverters, pole mount, ballasted system, and enphase micro inverters with web monitoring.

3. Solar Training Pricing: Remember to do competitive price shopping, but make sure to do a thorough scan of the training program. Evaluate not only the price but also the experience and knowledge you will be able to gain by attending the solar training course.

By attending solar training classes at an accredited solar school, you can get into an exciting career and business. You can start your own business or choose to work for a large corporation.

Here is a list of a few fastest growing jobs in the solar industry:

1. Solar PV Installer

2. Solar Sales Representative

3. Solar Sales Estimator

4. Solar Engineer

5. Solar Designer

6. Solar Thermal Installer

7. Solar Installation Manager

Dont wait, find the solar school near you, attend solar training classes and position yourself for career security and success.

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