Solar Power

Solar Thermal Panel

Solar panels are the devices which are utilized to convert solar energy into usable forms. Solar panels attract the Solar energy into solar devices so that the energy can be utilized for useful purposes. Sun shines approximately 1000 watts of energy per square kilometer of Earth. If all this energy is to be converted into usable forms then it can light up our homes for many centuries that also free of cost. Solar panels are widely used for different purposes such as calculators, satellites, spaceships etc. Solar panels are effective way to channelize sunlight and use it for electricity.

Even the importance on harnessing the solar power was laid even before the issues of global warming came into the attention. It was noted that several solar power plants were established 150 years ago in the era of Industrial revolution to produce steam from the heat generated by Sun. At that point Becquerel’s theory of Photovoltaic effect came into rescue. Photo voltaic effect was all about generation of electricity from Sun. Thus the concept of Solar panels was born. Photo voltaic cells, Solar thermal energy, solar thermal collector, solar hot water panel are some example of Solar panels.

Photovoltaic cells directly convert the Sunlight into electricity. Early Photovoltaics were mainly used for sensing and measuring light. But with the advent in semiconductor technology Photovoltaics were used to produce power. Photovoltaic cell technology is considered as fastest growing energy technology. Function of Photovoltaic cell can be simply described as knocking of electrons by photons of sunlight by leading them to higher state of energy creating electricity. Photovoltaic cells consist of thin film made of silver. This film is placed on a semiconductor layer which is found on Iron substrate. When Sunlight strikes on Photovoltaic cell certain portion of this light is absorbed by the semiconductor material. Then energy of the absorbed light is transferred to Semiconductor. Then this energy knocks electrons loose by allowing them to free freely. An array of solar panels are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Solar panels comes in variety of shapes and sizes like round, square and rectangle. These solar panels are installed on top of buildings, houses or in fields. Solar power is one of the most renewable sources of energy.

solar thermal panel

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