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Hello Friends, today Our topic of discussion is “Solar Subsidy in India”
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The massive dream of India Inc to attain 100 GW by 2022 is now appears possible with provision of various solar subsidy in India with a view to provide a push to the Government’s dream project – to be a global leader in field of Solar Energy, Solar Power and Renewable Energy.

India is blessed with ample solar energy potential with 300 days of sunlight. About Five thousand trillion kilowatt hour per year energy is experienced over India’s land space with most parts receiving 4 to 7 kilowatt hour per square meter per day.

All rooftop solar power plants, whether or not net-metered / gross-metered or not, are all eligible for Central Financial Assistance (CFA) or Subsidy of 30% provided by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Of course, this has a restriction that
it’s only for these three sectors i.e. Institutional, Domestic or Social Sector.

Solar Subsidy in India is being regulated by the Central, State and District authorities in the form of MNRE at Centre, SNA as State Nodal Agencies and District ADCs as Chief Project Officer to regulate the disbursement of solar subsidy in India to the user of eligible category.

The user has to submit a ‘Joint Inspection Report’, made by developer, user and implementing company to MNRE. The easiest type of mostly available solar subsidy in India is 30% capital subsidy by MNRE.

Eligibility and Procedure to Avail Solar Subsidy in Haryana is different. In a bid to push the adoption of rooftop solar in the residential, Commercial and industrial sector, the DNRE Renewable Energy Department of Haryana (HAREDA) has issued Financial Assistance Guidelines. All the Grid Connected rooftop solar plants in the scale of 1 to 500 Kilowatt are eligible for 30% MNRE Subsidy. if you’re contemplating to install a rooftop PV Solar System. Grid-Connected Rooftop solar power plants for residential, institutional, and social sectors will all be eligible for CFA (Central Financial Assistance). The state authorities will provide the solar subsidy with CFA equal to 30% of the benchmark cost or Rupees Twenty Thousand per kilowatt, whichever is less.

Eligibility for Solar Subsidy in Haryana
The consumers / users of Domestic, Institutions and Social sector are eligible for Solar Subsidy in Haryana.

Most Renowned and Identified Government’s Schemes for solar subsidy in India are

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