Solar Power

Solar Powered Wind Turbine Model – How We Make Solar Powered Electricity

Solar Powered Wind Turbine Model

To understand how solar powered electricity works, we will need to look at the building block of what energy from the sun really is and how it is captured then transformed into energy.

What we see coming from the sun is light, what we feel coming from the sun is warmth. These two things are the tiny fractions of what humans perceive of the energy the sun puts off. The fancy name for this energy is called electromagnetic radiation, if we include all the different types of energy in this radiation, Ultra Violet rays, infrared rays and Visible Light, the sun puts out approximately 1.366 kilowatts of energy per square meter. These waves are all made up of photons, tiny pieces of light that are the building blocks of energy. This however leads to the questions, well how do we capture all those photons and make electricity? That is where solar panels come in. Solar Powered Wind Turbine Model

A solar panel is a device designed to capture the photons coming from the sun and produce electricity. At it’s heart, a solar panel consist of photovoltaic cells. Most cells use wafers of crystals make from silicon, though they can be made from cadmium. The cells capture energy by using an effect which causes the side of the cell exposed to sunlight to becoming negatively charged while the underside becomes positively charged. This causes the cell to produce electricity in a DC current. The cells are then wired to one another and the electricity is sent on it’s way to the transformer or to storage.

There are many different ways to setup storage for solar power. For now we’ll discus batteries and DC and AC power. The most common storage device for Solar power when it’s not fed directly into the grid is a battery. Many at home or off grid setups utilize batteries to store the electricity that is collected during sunlight hours for use throughout the day. Once the energy is stored you can either use it directly as DC current, which is used by some small things such as cell phones and computers, or you can use a power converter to switch the current to the more commonly used AC current. These types of converters may be as simple as the ones you use to plug household appliances into your car or may be large enough to power a whole house. Once you have the Solar Powered Electricity in the right format there is not telling what you can do with it! Solar Powered Wind Turbine Model

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