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Solar Powered Water Station, Haiti 2020

Clean Water Update: Coupon, Haiti. Right now, can you imagine not having water to wash your hands? In rural villages in Haiti, the population currently goes days and sometimes weeks at a time with no electricity. No power means conventional well pumps do not run and people go without water.

Several weeks ago on one of the last cargo flights to Haiti, OBOV shipped a 100% solar-powered submersible well pump system and related gear to our “Living Water Team” in Haiti who installed it at the water station in the rural village of Coupon (constructed by OBOV in 2015). The 72 volt pump is powered directly from 4 solar panels (with no batteries needed) and generates 6 GPM of clean, filtered water from a well depth of 190 feet.

Thousands of people from numerous local villages rely on the Coupon water station (which holds 8,000 gallons of water) for their daily water supply. The OBOV team also left the existing AC submersible pump in the well for times when Haiti power is available so the village can make even more water. Praise the Lord!

Congratulations to our in-country leaders Makendy, Loubert and Isaiah and friends Nahama and Schneider for completing the installation at such a critical a time when water and hygiene is of the utmost importance. God bless you.