Solar Power

Solar Powered Peltier Based Refrigerator with MPPT

A quick demo of my final year project. I built this refrigerator entirely by hand and it has two peltier modules. A 10amp TEC1-12710 and a 6amp TEC1-12706.

Both of them are attached to individual heatsinks. The inside of the refrigerator has 10L of capacity and a cooling plate(12706) and a cold side heatsink and fan for the 12710.

The walls are also double layered with foam insulation between them.

The refrigerator cools down to 23’C below the ambient temperator.
It cools down 6 regular cans down by 23’C in about 4-5 hours.

Nominal power consumption is 120W (12V 10A)

I have also added a molex connector so it can be powered by a PC ATX PSU(Forward/half bridge converter)

Its portable and can be used outside on solar power.

Credits: Jaideep Sharma (Me)
Prof. Dinkar Prasad (My project mentor)