Solar Power

solar powered comedy show episode1

script: said in a british accent…

this is my squat.
but i’m having a tough time in america.
the neighbors are complaining about mercury poisoning from the solar panels.
They demand I buy car insurance. But i havent got any money.
I wont bloddy fucking pay it.
I brought the car home on a test drive, was the custom I was told.
Now they want license and registration bullshit. I wont fucking pay any of it.
You see I’m impeccably dressed today, in front of my squat.
I look propper keeping up with appearances love.
Yes, I burglarized the dry cleaners.
I havent got any bloddy fucking money for clean clothes.
I dont have facking detergent. Why should i buy it?
When everybody just robbs the dry cleaners.
I wont bloddy fucking pay it. Never!

I cant afford the soap.

And I dont have water hooked up because of the installation.

and my neighbors are complaining they cant do their normal hygiene routine.

Well, sorry.

I dont have any fucking money. what you want me to do?

this is bullshit. rubbish. fack off.

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