Solar Power

Solar Power: The Energy Of The Future

Solar power is the energy of the sun. Solar energy is the cleanest and inexhaustible source of renewable energy. Solar power does not produce any pollution or harmful waste products. Moreover, it is a cost effective way to meet energy demands for residential and commercial premises.

Generating solar energy

To generate solar power you need to install an array of solar panels on the rooftop or at the ground level, facing the south. In case there are trees or awnings, remove them so that they do not obstruct the sunlight falling on the solar panels. The panels should get direct sunlight throughout the day to be effective. With advances in technology the size and cost of solar panels is rapidly decreasing, making it an affordable source of power.

The panels comprise tiny photovoltaic cells coated with positive and negatively charged silicone that convert solar energy into electricity. When sunlight falls on the cells, the negative ions create a magnetic field. Tiny wires connected to an inverter capture this magnetic energy and convert it into electrical energy. The inverter then converts the DC power into AC power for running household appliances.

You can be online by tying up with your existing electricity provider into the city grid. The system will have a meter that calculates the amount of solar power used as compared to normal power. It subtracts the value of the solar power utilized and reduces the bill by that amount, resulting in enormous savings for you. This way you can draw power whenever you face a deficit and supply power to the grid when on vacation. Since there is less sunlight in winter, with space and costs permitting you can install windmills to supply power. This way you reduce dependence on the conventional electricity supply.

Benefits of solar power

Another major advantage is that most states offer tax credits for installing solar power systems for domestic use. Hence, you can recover the cost of installation in a few years. Since solar panels have a long life of 25 years, the energy savings far outweigh the costs. Secondly, they have no moving parts, so there is little chance of breakdown. You need no maintenance other than routine cleaning of the glass panels and the supporting frame.

With solar power, there is no chance of blackouts even if your electricity supply fails.

Solar panels attached to the water heating system on the roof can provide hot water for the entire house without running up huge utility bills. When attached to the central heating system it can heat the entire house and can run an indoor Jacuzzi and the lights in the house. Thus using solar power can go a long way towards making the planet a greener and healthier place to live in.

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