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Solar Power Home Cost – Lower Solar Power Home Cost By Doing It Yourself

Solar Power Home Cost

The solar power home cost can be big when you’re first switching over. Everyone understands they’ll be saving money over time, but some people understandably struggle with the thought of shelling out a bunch of money up front with the promise of long term savings.

It’s true, with any commercially installed solar array, these savings take a long time to rack up. But, before you decide it’s too expensive to pursue, make sure you’ve done all your research. There are some cheaper ways of getting solar panels.

Probably the typical way most people get their home to begin running on solar power is by just purchasing a panel and having it installed. However, this is the costly way that deters most people from switching to solar energy. Having a medium sized panel installed to run electricity for a small house would cost around $ 25K. This is probably out of most people’s price range. But, there are also other ways to reduce the solar power home cost. Solar Power Home Cost

There are DIY Solar Power kits available for purchase that come with everything you need. These cost a bit more than building it all by yourself, but will give you peace of mind if you’re new to this sort of thing. The cost for doing it this way averages about $ 600 per panel, depending on what you’re getting. The most cost effective way to switch to solar power is by building your own panels altogether.

You can usually buy all the parts and tools you need right from a nearby hardware store and your savings would be huge. If you’re very handy around the house, this could be the way to go, just find some instructional videos online and get started. You could build your own solar panel for as little as $ 200 a piece.

That’s a savings of $ 400 per panel on the solar power home cost over the kit, and a huge savings over having one installed. Solar Power Home Cost

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