Solar Power

Solar Pool Heat – Advantages of Heating Your Swimming Pool With Solar Energy

Solar pool heat is a subject many people are passionate about because, as dedicated swimmers, they want to being able to swim in their home pools at any time of the year – daily or just when the desire strikes them.

In all areas of the world, bar the tropics, of course, the cold months of the year inhibit all but the staunchest proponents of ice swimming from doing a few laps in unheated water. Thus, the idea of a system that can heat the pool in an efficient, easy and inexpensive way is compelling.

A solar pool heat system provides the answer to many people’s pool heating desires or woes. The following five advantages will show how effective using a solar pool heating system can be. Bear in mind, too, that there are a variety of different solar heating options available and the system best suited to your needs and the terrain in which your house is situated will determine which option you need to have installed for your pool.

The first advantage of using a solar pool heat is that after the initial purchase and installation expense, the energy to run the system costs nothing as long as the sun is shining brightly or even dimly will do. Conventional pool heating uses gas, propane or electricity and they carry with them ongoing monthly bills and ever-increasing operational costs.

The second advantage is that solar power is great for the environment. On a personal level, you reduce your own carbon footprint by a significant amount by eliminating carbon emissions that accompany conventional ways of heating swimming pools. On a more global scale, you contribute positively to cleaning up our atmosphere. A whole series of swimming pool solar accessories like pool lights, rotary pool cleaners and pool covers can further enhance your enjoyment of a solar-power driven lifestyle.

As a third advantage, we can point to the fact that solar panel pool heaters are easy to install and use and they require only the barest minimum of maintenance once everything is set and functioning smoothly. The materials used in these systems are relatively inexpensive, but durable and long lasting.

A fourth advantage is that solar pool heating systems readily lend themselves to being automated by incorporating a simple thermostat that controls when the system needs to initiate a heating cycle and, once the desired temperature has been reached, when it needs to shut down again. In this way, you are freed of that responsibility and your solar pool heat is assured.

A fifth advantage concerns how empowering on a personal level doing the right thing can be – in this case, both your wallet and the environment will benefit from your wise course of action, and you should feel good knowing that you are contributing positively to the community and, let’s not be modest here, to the world at large!

More seriously though, if you are thinking about installing a heating system for your swimming pool solar heating is do-able, practical and inexpensive. It is a wise choice.

Rosemary O’Leary is a passionate proponent of swimming and alternative energy especially solar and wind power. To read more about solar pool heating systems at